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GoT SENSE environment-resistant Temperature Sensor Module



Environment-resistant Temperature Sensor Module


GopherTec introduces a new sensor module.
The circuit board and wiring, including the sensor IC, are made of materials with excellent environment-resistant performance.
It is seamlessly mold guarded to the ends,
preventing breakdowns and deterioration due to infiltration of water or foreign matter into the sensor tip or accidental short-circuiting with surrounding metal.
The modules are resistant to environmental changes and drop impact, and are very easy to handle both indoors and outdoors.


Product Features

Waterproof (IPx7) UV resistant Ozone resistant Resin mold Operating (surface) temperature: -20°C to 100°C Digital interface (I2C)
[Two types of sensors: temperature sensor and acceleration sensor]
Since they are molded into the same shape and size, there is no need to distinguish between modules and re-examine the mechanism during installation and mounting.
Temperature Sensor Module (Patented: Patent No. 7083114)
Acceleration Sensor Module (patent pending)
[Customized Sensors]
We can also develop modules with your desired sensors. Please consult with us.
[System Development]
Development of sensor peripherals is also possible. Please consult with us. (Microcontrollers/CPU boards, various IO boards, FPGAs, software, chassis, etc.)
What is GoT SENSE?
This term was coined by GopherTec from "Guarded over Transfer," meaning that data transmission is guarded against water droplets, wind, snow, and ultraviolet rays.
It also refers to GoT with GopherTec's IoT.
*Product appearance and functional specifications are subject to change without notice.

*The interface uses I2C, which is universally used in a very large number of CPU subsystems.
I2C is a very simple digital interface consisting of two wires: data and clock.
Connecting just four wires, including the power supply, will complete the connection. There is no hassle of adding special hardware.
*If immersed in hot water for a certain period of time, the surface may deteriorate. 
[About the acquisition of sensor data]
The device accesses the I2C address of each sensor device and obtains the value.
[Environmental tests]

● Drop test
● Ozone test
● Temperature
  cycling test
● Cord bend test
● Waterproof test
● Weather
 resistance test
● Flammability test
... etc.