Since the days of its predecessor, Beat System Service Co., Ltd., GopherTec.Inc. has been continuously engaged in the development of electronic circuit products, especially in the contracted development business of various applied products with computer technology at its core. The foundation of our company remains the same even 10 years after its establishment. For customers who are not satisfied with ready-made products or general-purpose products, we propose, develop, and continue to provide products that offer special value in terms of functionality, performance, and reliability over the long term. With this as our mission, we diligently work at various services.
We respond to customers' requests in a wide range of areas, from stand-alone development of so-called board products to the design of various mechanical components and software, system integration, and evaluation testing. Our products are not only extensive in scope but also in content. In addition to pursuing functionality and performance, we also respond faithfully and meticulously to difficult challenges, such as dealing with special environmental conditions, complex shapes, and size constraints.
FPGAs, once used as an adjunct on-board product, have evolved to cover key system functions due to their increasing integration. Since the beginning, we have positioned FPGAs as one of the key devices and key technologies, and have been studying FPGA logic circuit design technologies as well as board design. We are now actively using these technologies to improve the functionality and performance of board products, and are also expanding into new services, such as offering alternatives to discontinued parts and IP sales.
In addition, we will continue to develop and expand our services with out-of-the-box business development, such as sales of servers that can be used for a wide range of applications regardless of use and various component sets, product deployment utilizing the results of joint projects with universities and research institutions, and a service to propose redesign of board products that can no longer be produced continuously due to unavailability of parts.
We look forward to your continued support of GopherTec.Inc.

Representative Director Masami Shoji

Thoughts behind the company name

The story of Noah's Ark is told in the Old Testament, and the gopher tree is said to have been used to make the Ark (there are other theories). This is where our company got its name. We are trying to deliver to the future not only old technologies that are almost forgotten in everyone's memory because they are overwritten by new technologies, or cutting-edge technologies that cannot be passed on in a complete form because there are no heirs who can understand them, but also people, their thoughts, and ideas that they want to cherish, in a hand-made boat, without letting them sink into the deep sea. We named our company GopherTec with this idea in mind. This is also the reason why the GopherTec logo has a boat symbol on it. This boat is not only loaded with our own things, but will continue to sail into the future, carrying more and more of our customers' thoughts, various wishes, and new technologies to respond to them



We will contribute to the creation of an affluent and comfortable society by making full use of computer technologies in every direction.


Action Guidelines

Be proactive.   Don't be conceited.   Be sincere.


About Us

Company Name GopherTec.Inc
Establishment  December 3, 2015
Location 3F Gopher Building, 1-2-10 Tamachi, Kita-ku, Okayama 700-0825
Capital 60 million yen
Business outline Design, manufacture, and sales of electronic and electrical equipment. Design, manufacture, and sales of systems for measuring and control equipment, etc. Design, manufacture, and sales of computer systems.
Executive Officers

Chairman of the Board

President and Representative Director

Director, GM of General Affairs and Accounting Dept.

Director, General Manager of Sales Dept.

Director, General Manager of Development Dept.


Fumio Komatsu

Masami Shoji

Kenji Hiramatsu

Masato Nishizawa

Noriaki Kawanishi

Takeshi Komatsu

Affiliated companies Advan Holdings Inc., Gopher Inc.
JISQ9100:2016 and JIS Q 9001:2015

Scope of certifications: Design, manufacturing management, evaluation testing/inspections, and sales of electronic equipment.

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2015 GopherTec Inc. is established.
Released "ArmFrogs-PINQ" board with AMD (Xilinx) ZYNQ
Released "ArmFrogs-BLUE" board with Intel (ALTERA) Cyclone V SoC
2016 Began handling Intel server systems
2017 Change of Directors: Director and President Masami Shoji
Increased capital to 60 million yen
2018 Released "KnightFrogs-WINE" board with Intel Xeon D-1500
2019 Change of Representative Director: Representative Director Masami Shoji
Released "ArmFrogs-ALICE" board with Cyclone V SoC SE series
Started to sell FPGA sample code
2020 Participated in the Okayama AI Secure IoT Co-creation ConSortium (OASIS)
Participated in the Adaptive Computing Research Initiative (ACRi)
2021 Released "CAN Wi-Fi Converter" for monitoring CAN communications via Wi-Fi
2022 Released "KnightFrogs-BRANDY" board with Intel ATOM x6000E
Released "GoT SENSE" environment-resistant sensor module
Acquired JISQ9100:2016 and JIS Q 9001:2015 certifications
2023 Joined Japan’s Chugoku Region Semiconductor-Related Industry Promotion Council.
Issued private bonds at Hiroshima Bank.
2024 Received an award of “300 HABATAKU Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”
Joined the KOBE Marine Network.
Joined the Okayama Digital Innovation Creation Platform called "OI-Start"



From Okayama Station: 13 min. walk
Okayama Electric Tramway Seikibashi Line / Yūbinkyoku-mae Station: 2 min. walk
Tenmaya Bus Center: 4 min. walk