In addition to operations, maintenance, problem solving, long-term supply, etc.,
we offer product warranties and various types of insurance for peace of mind in case of unexpected circumstances.


Product Warranties

Warranty Period

As a general rule, the warranty period for our products is one year after delivery to the customer's designated location.

Warranty Coverage

We will repair or replace the product free of charge if the failure occurs within the above warranty period resulting from our responsibility, or even after the warranty period has expired, if the failure clearly results from our responsibility. However, even within the warranty period, the following malfunctions are not covered by the warranty.
・When the product has been handled in a clearly inappropriate manner (e.g. dropped, subjected to impact, operated beyond the specification range, etc.)
・When the product has been modified, processed, or repaired by anyone other than our Company or a party entrusted by our Company
・Other cases resulting from natural disasters or calamities
・External damage to parts that may have occurred after purchase (scratches, stains, and other superficial damage)
・Distortion, deformation, or discoloration of the product
・Increased noise emitted by motor products such as fans and hard disk drives

In the event of an abnormality

・Turn off the power and discontinue use immediately.
・Please contact our sales representative after recording the following information.
We will support you in how to deal with the product in question and future measures, etc.

 1. Product name and serial number if known
 2. Approximate date of purchase
 3. Description of the problem and the circumstances leading up to it


Although we take every precaution to ensure that the products we sell are manufactured under strict quality control, we have taken out the following damage insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Liability Insurance (Japan)

Limit of payment for accidents: bodily injury (to persons) and property damage accidents (to property), common to both: 1 billion yen
In order to prepare for the various types of liability risks surrounding companies, we have liability insurance in place to comprehensively and fully respond to diversified corporate liability risks, such as those related to facilities and equipment, business operations, and products.

Liability Coverage Related to Facilities and Equipment

Coverage is provided for legal liability resulting from bodily injury or property damage arising out of the failure to maintain the premises or facilities owned, used, or managed, or out of the performance of work performed inside or outside of the facilities.

Indemnification for Liability Related to the Performance of Duties

The insurance policy pays for legal liability for bodily injury or property damage caused by accidents while performing the work for which the Company has been contracted in the event that the Company is deemed legally liable.

Liability Coverage for Products and Work Results

The policy pays for legal liability resulting from bodily injury or property damage caused by products manufactured or sold (property that has left your possession) or as a result of work performed (completed work) in the event that the Company is deemed legally liable

Cyber Risk Compensation

Payment Limit: 100 million yen
The insurance policy pays out in the event of legal liability for "information leakage or the threat thereof due to cyber attacks, unauthorized access, etc." or "IT accidents (business interruption due to ownership, use or management of information systems or provision of electronic information, loss or damage of electronic information, violation of personal rights or copyrights, or other unforeseen and unexpected events resulting in loss to third parties).


The insurance policy pays for damages caused by the loss of or damage to production or property entrusted by the customer or supplied by the customer, or by the loss or damage to data or programs of other parties in the event that the company is deemed legally liable, but as these are special agreements, the payment limit paid differs from the payment limit in the basic agreement.

Overseas PL Insurance

Payment limit for accidents: US $2,000,000 for bodily injury and property damage accidents
This insurance covers products to be exported to foreign countries, and is designed to respond to the assumption that accidents may occur and claims for damages may be filed in foreign countries. Therefore, in preparation for handling accidents overseas, we use English-language contract clauses based on U.S. contract clauses, which are widely accepted internationally.

New Logistics Comprehensive Insurance

The insurance will pay for damage caused by fire, theft, or any other accidental and external incident while the Company is responsible for the management of entrusted goods during transportation, storage, processing, installation, etc. in Japan. (Natural wear and tear, etc. are not covered.)
Cargo that is temporarily in our custody for repair, overhaul, or inspection after sale is also covered by the policy.
*In the unlikely event of an accident, we may ask for your cooperation in resolving the situation as soon as possible.