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CAN 無線コンバータ


CAN-Wi-Fi Converter
CAN-Wi-Fi Converter


Wireless Monitoring
Easy wireless monitoring of CAN communications
Simultaneous Monitoring
Simultaneous monitoring using two CAN ports
Supports CAN FD
The CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data Rate) specification extends the CAN protocol to increase data transfer speed and capacity.
Built-in Web Application
It can be controlled via a web application built into the main unit, so it can be used from Windows PCs as well as iPads and Android tablets.
The latest versions of the following web browsers can be used:
Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox



[Wireless CAN communication monitoring/control]
From a host PC connected via Wi-Fi,
real-time monitoring of CAN communications is possible.
CAN frames can also be sent on demand.

[2-port CAN]
It has two independent CAN ports.
Each CAN port can simultaneously monitor
other CAN communications.

*Product appearance and functional specifications are subject to change without notice.