AMD Xilinx ZYNQ Module



AMD Xilinx ZYNQ Module



Mass Production Type - Not Just an Evaluation Board

This product combines superior performance, reliability, and quality sufficient to be incorporated into our customers' products and systems.
It is designed not only as a trial product for experiments and functional evaluation, but also for safe and continuous use.
Of course, small lots are also possible. Please contact us for consultation on development of IO expansion carrier boards, etc.
It is not just an evaluation board.

● AC adapter included; Linux boots upon power-on
● 12bit ADC 4ch,12bit DAC 4ch
● GPIO 48bit
● I2C,SPI,RS232C,USB2.0
● Includes ZYNQ-PL sample project!
● ZYNQ-PS sample device driver included!!
● ZYNQ-PS sample application included!!!
● Carrier board schematics are also available free of charge!!!!

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