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Intel Xeon D-1500 processor COM Express Type6 Module


Feature Details
SoC Device Family Intel Pentium Processor D Series
Intel Xeon D Processor Series
Processor Number


Total Cores /
Total Threads
4 / 8 (D1519, D-1529)
8 / 16 (D-1539)
TDP / Base Freq. /
Max Turbo Freq.
25W / 1.5GHz / 2.1GHz (D1519)
20W / 1.3GHz / none (D-1529)
35W / 1.6GHz / 2.2GHz (D-1539)
LLC 6MB (D1519, D-1529)
12MB (D-1539)
eTEMP Production Enabled (-40~85℃)
Memory & Storage Main Memory DDR4-2133, SO-DIMM, Unbuffer, ECC, 16GB max.
Flash SPI-Flash, 16MB for BIOS
COMe Specification COM Express Module Base Specification Revision 2.1
COMe Pinout Type6
PCI Express

PEG, Gen2, x16
PCIe, Gen2, x8


2ports, 10GBASE, KR PHY Support I/F "iXFI" (D1519/D-1539 only)
1port, 10/100/1000BASE-T

Graphics 1port, Analog VGA
SATA 2ports, SATA2.0
USB 4ports, USB2.0
2ports, USB3.0
UART 2ports

4signals / 4signals

LPC 1ch
SPI 1ch (only for BIOS Flash)
SMBus 1ch, with SMB_ALERT#
I2C 1ch
Others Temperature Monitor

Measures PCB surface temperature

Power Supply Supply Voltage DC12V±5% (VCC_12V)
DC2 to 3.3V (VCC_RTC)
Power Inlet COMe Connector
Mechanical Dimensions 95mm × 95mm (COMe Compact Size)
125mm × 95mm (COMe Basic Size)
Environment Operating Temperature -40 to 85℃
Non-Operating Temp. -40 to 85℃
Humidity under 95%RH, non-condensing
※1:プロセッサが② Intel Xeon Processor D-1529の場合、サポートされません。
※3:COMe規格のBasic Moduleにて採用頂くことも可能です。

Intel、インテル、Intelロゴ、Intel Xeon、Pentiumは、アメリカ合衆国およびその他の国におけるIntel Coporationの商標です。